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Modal Electronics 008R
/5 0

8 Voice Analog Synthesizer Module

008R is a rackmount version of the keyboard original Modulus 008. The unit allows you to enlarge the polyphony of the keyboard model. Modulus 008R is an 8-voice analog bi-timbral synthesizer built on discrete components providing 100% voltage control....

3 500.00
Modal Electronics 002R
/5 0

12 Voice Hybrid Synthesizer Module

002R is a rackmount version of the keyboard original Modulus 002. The unit allows you to enlarge the polyphony of the keyboard model. The analog/digital hybrid synthesizer Modulus 002R features 12 discrete voices of polyphony with 2 NCOs and 2 subs per...

2 800.00
/5 0

Sound Module

MOTIF-RACK XS borrowed voices from the famous Motif XS version. Gorgeous grand pianos, orchestra voices, vintage organs, electric pianos, guitars, strong basses, synth sounds, ethnic and many else. 355MB are given for waveforms (2670 individual...

1 200.00
Roland XV-3080
/5 0

Rackmount Sound Module

XV-3080 is a 128-voice synthesizer module featuring versatile and powerful Roland’s architecture. The skillful module, expandable via new 64Mb SRX-Series and SR-JV80-Series boards, provides a musician with Matrix Control feature and a set of studio...

Roland XV-5080
/5 0

Rackmount Sound Module

Roland’s sound module XV-5080 sports 128 voices, 32-part (!) multitimbrality, over 1000 factory patches, built in SCSI (Small Computer System Interface) and Wordclock input, stereo waveforms, Matrix Control and can be expanded via SRX and SR-JV80 Series...