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Novation Impulse 25
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USB MIDI Controller

Novation Impulse 25, released in 2012, is different from its "brothers” in its simplistic appearance (reduced keyboard and the number of faders). It is a USB-powered MIDI controller, which can be fully integrated with any workstation (DAW) thanks to the...

Novation Impulse 49
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USB MIDI Controller

Novation has a wide selection of controllers, ranging from a tiny, simple Nocturn, and ending with the flagship Remote SL. The new Impulse line consists of 3 instruments, which includes Novation Impulse 49. It is suitable for both studio and live...

Novation Impulse 61
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USB MIDI Controller

In 2012 Novation Impulse 61 along with Impulse 25 and 49 appeared on the shelves. It differs from the rest owing to a wider keypad (61 keys). However, other specification remained the same. It is a USB powered MIDI controller, which can be fully...

Novation X-Station 25
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Virtual analog synthesizer/ Audio Interface/ MIDI controller

After Remote 25 MIDI controller was released, in 2004 Novation launched X-Station 25. The instrument is very similar to Remote 25 and shares a lot with it, particularly knobs, sliders and keys. It also has the same silvery-gray matte color. However,...

Novation X-Station 49
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Virtual analog synthesizer/ Audio Interface/ MIDI controller

In 2004, together with X-Station 25, Novation released X-Station 49. The instrument shares many specs with Remote series. It also has the same silvery-gray matte color. However, X-Station is not a copy of Remote. The set of features of the controller is...