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Dreadbox Murmux v2
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Analog Semi-modular Synthesizer

Full Analog Paraphonic SynthesizerExtremely Limited Edition to 50 pieces.Hand-soldered, handcrafted, through Hole ComponentsHandmade piece-of-art Wooden Enclosure (by Black Science)Designed for aggressive sounds but not limited to these.50x eurorack...

1 500.00
Waldorf Wave
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Wavetable Digital Synthesizer

Wave is probably the most refined creation of Waldorf in the history of this German company, which appeared in 1993, in the era of the vector synthesis and workstations. It’s a hybrid synthesizer which has a digital waveform generator based on...

20 000.00
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Analog monophonic synthesizer module

The first instrument by MFB, which also looks as good as it sounds, before that the company used modest housings of cheap materials for its instruments. Dominion X is assembled within a metal housing with wooden sides and has, perhaps, everything...

Korg MS-20M
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Analog Synthesizer Desktop Module

Sound Module/ Tone Generator, Without Keys, Desktop, Analogue (A), Monophonic, Oscillators per voice: 2, Low-pass Filter (LPF), High-pass Filter (HPF), Voltage Controlled Filter (VCF), IN, Assignable Wheel: 1, CV/ Gate OUT.

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12-Voice Analog Synthesizer Module

Sound Module/ Tone Generator, Without Keys, Desktop, Rackmount, 4U, Analogue (A), Voices: 12, Monotimbral, Oscillators' hard sync, Sub-Oscillators per voice: 1, Oscillators per voice: 2, Band-pass Filter (BPF), High-pass Filter (HPF).