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Korg Pa3X LE
/5 0

Arranger Workstation

A slightly misleading title of Pa3X LE might make you think of Pa3X but the keyboard is more of a Pa900 rival. The 76-note semi-weighted keyboard is velocity sensitive and supports aftertouch. The upgradable operating system relies on Real eXperience,...

2 000.00
Korg Pa3X 61
/5 0

Arranger Workstation

The professional 61-key arranger features velocity and aftertouch. The system is built on the number of patented features including Objective Portable Operating System, Real eXperience and Defined Nuance Control which are responsible for polishing the...

2 300.00
Korg Pa4X 61
/5 0

Arranger Workstation

The 61-note semi-weighted velocity sensitive keyboard supports aftertouch. Sound generation is based on EDS-X (Enhanced Definition Synthesis-eXpanded) and resonant filters, TC Helicon provides the voice processor technology. The polyphony offers 128...

3 700.00
Yamaha Genos
5.0/5 1

Performance Arranger

Performance Synthesizer, Workstation, With Keys, Digital (D), Voices: 256, Multi Timbral Capacity: 4 part(s), Reverb, Insert Effects: 28, Rotary Speaker, Chorus, Compressor.

6 800.00
Yamaha EOS B2000
4.5/5 4

Music Production Synthesizer

EOS B2000 is an extremely rare synthesizer which embraces the functionality of a workstation and an arranger. It used to be produced for the domestic market of Japan, although all the inscriptions on the housing and the display information are in...