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Moog Mother 32
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Semi-modular Eurorack/ Tabletop Synthesizer

Mother 32 is designed to operate as a module system central unit or as a standalone desktop synth. It offers all the needed functions for a diverse sonic palette. Its VCO generates saw and square waveforms. In a square mode “pulse width” knob generates...

Arturia RackBrute 3U
/5 0

Eurorack Case

Modular System.

Arturia RackBrute 6U
/5 0

Eurorack Case

Modular System.

/5 0

Paraphonic Semi-modular Synthesizer

Radikal Technologies Delta Cep A is a semimodular paraphonic synthesizer voice with the following parameters: Interpolator The Interpolator stores patch memories of the synthesizer and allows for automatic sequential recall and crossfading between these...

1 000.00
Analogue Solutions Eurokorn 3
/5 0

Analog Sequencer

Eurokorn 3 is a eurorack version of Oberkorn. It’s an analog step sequencer with 3 16-step CV and 2 Gate channels. It was made to fit eurorack systems so it has no case, power supply as well as no MIDI to trigger module onboard (due to having MIDI...