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Erica Synths Black Classic System
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Complete Eurorack Modular System

Black Classic System is a set of modules from the Black and Polivoks series, assembled in the Skiff housing with both internal and external power supply. The system has a fully analog audio path (except of the digital noise generator). There are 2 VCOs,...

2 400.00
Pittsburgh Modular Timetable
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Clock Divider / Pattern Generator

Timetable represents two independent clock dividers – it’s a Clock Divider/Pattern & CV Generator. The first divider allows you to split the input signal by 2, 4, 8 and 16. The second part of the module is a pattern generator. Its operation is...

Pittsburgh Modular Toolbox
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Slew limiter, Noise, S&H, Inverter

The module consists of three independent function blocks: Glide - the limiter (or portamento, or lag-processor). The "TIME" knob adjusts the rise time of the signal.Sample & hold - contains an analog noise generator and a sample&hold circuit. The...

Pittsburgh Modular Time Runner
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Logical Pattern Generator

Time Runner is a pattern generator that can also be used as a rhythm divider. The clock signal can come from the built-in oscillator or from the external source. This signal is fed to four channels, which divide by 2, 4, 8 and 16. Each channel has two...

Buchla 281h
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Dual Function Generator

281h module is the half of Buchla 281e, which has taken the functionality from its elder brother. Three functional modes are available for function generators: /// - in this mode the unit enters the self-generation and that’s how you get an LFO. In this...