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Buchla 202h
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Buchla 202h is a true "wand" for the owners of modular systems in the Eurorack format - a set of utilities as the manufacturer entitled it. The module consists of three blocks: ADAPT - a set of adapters (3.5 TRS in 6.35 TRS, TINI-cable, etc.). CV PROC -...

Buchla 206e
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Mixer / Preset Manager

The mixer has six mono inputs and one stereo output. Each input has a level and panning adjustment. Moreover, at four inputs the panning can be adjusted manually, and the two remaining ones are CV inputs. Also, the module is equipped with an output for...

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Buchla 223e
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Multi-Dimensional Kinesthetic Input / Tactile Input Port

Module 223e is designed to process signals coming from an external controller (222e). The controller 222e features 27 velocity sensitive pads. The signal coming from 222e is converted in module 223e into a plurality of separate control signals (CV) and...

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Buchla 225e
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MIDI Decoder / Preset Manager

225e is designed to convert MIDI commands into Buchla control signals (pulse voltage and CV). The outputs of the converter are combined into control buses. The first four buses (A-D) are internal and serve to control the modules 281e, 292e, 259e and...

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Buchla 250e
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Arbitrary Function Generator

250e module is a 16-step sequencer. Each step contains two parameters controlled by potentiometers. The parameters of each step can be interpolated, quantized, or replaced by external CV signals. The current step is indicated by the corresponding...

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