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Pittsburgh Modular Time Runner

Logical Pattern Generator

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Time Runner 1
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Pittsburgh Modular Time Runner
Pittsburgh Modular Time Runner
299.00 street price

Time Runner is a pattern generator that can also be used as a rhythm divider.

The clock signal can come from the built-in oscillator or from the external source. This signal is fed to four channels, which divide by 2, 4, 8 and 16.

Each channel has two logical schemes: AND and XOR. The signal of each divider is fed to the first inputs of both functions, the second input is routed to "SEED".

If an external source is not routed to the "Seed" connector of the first channel - it has the status "1". The other channels are connected to the AND or XOR output (selected with a switch for each channel) of the previous channel.

Thanks to this switching it is possible to achieve complex patterns with impact on even, odd ones and somewhere between rhythmic parts. Since all channels work in series, changes made, for example, on channel 2 will also influence channels 3, 4.

Country of origin / production: USA

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More info
Usage area
Modular System 
Usage Design/ Form Factor
Sound Module 
Modular Format Eurorack
Type of Sound Module
Control/ Signal Router 
Control Voltage Processor 
Width (Eurorack)12 HP
Weight0.2 kg
Case/ body

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