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Yamaha CS-40m

Analog Synthesizer

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Yamaha CS-40m
Yamaha CS-40m
1 600.00 street price

CS-40m is a 2-voice synthesizer (duophonic) with two VCOs producing triangle, saw, square waveforms and a noise generator. The LFO section is capable of sine, up-ramp, down-ramp, square, and sample&hold. The filter section is represented with a multimode filter featuring low pass, high pass, band pass modes, cutoff and resonance setings as well as ADSR controls. There’s no self-oscillation ability.

There are no sequencer and effects sections. The 44-note keyboard synth comprises 20 patches (10 presets per bank x2). There’s also an external cassette interface.

Each voice has its own CV/Trigger output. There are CV inputs for portamento, sustain, brilliance, volume and filter.

The synthesizer was released in 1979. The control panel features 36 knobs, 12 sliders and enough buttons for performing live.

CS-40m has two oscillators per voice and is close to CS-20m sound character. Each VCO has its own AR envelope generator. LFO can modulate oscillators, filter and amp sections.

The instrument was used by Electronic Dream Plant, Sneaker Pimps, Ultravox, Duran Duran, and Vangelis.

Tags: analog synthesizer

Country of origin / production: Japan

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More info
Usage area
Usage Design/ Form Factor
With Keys 
Analogue (A) 
Tone Generator / Sound Synthesis
Oscillator Type VCO (Voltage Controlled Oscillator)
Oscillators per voice2
Waveform/ Spectral form (main generator) Sine
Waveform/ Spectral form (main generator) Pulse Width Modulation (PWM)
Waveform/ Spectral form (main generator) Triangle
Waveform/ Spectral form (main generator) Saw
Waveform/ Spectral form (main generator) White Noise
High-pass Filter (HPF) 
Low-pass Filter (LPF) 
Band-pass Filter (BPF) 
Envelope Generator (EG)
LFO: LFO Count1
LFO Waveforms
Ramp Up 
Ramp Down 
Type Synth Action
Number of Keys44
External controllers
CV/ Gate IN 
CV/ Gate OUT 
Production start1979
Production end1986
Production ended

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  • enpdf3.96Mb Yamaha CS40M Owner's Manual