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Rackmount Sound Module/ Tone Generator

Sound Module/ Tone Generator, Digital (D), Voices: 128, Multi Timbral Capacity: 32 part(s), Production start: 2002, Production ended: Yes.

Yamaha CS-40m
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Analog Synthesizer

CS-40m is a 2-voice synthesizer (duophonic) with two VCOs producing triangle, saw, square waveforms and a noise generator. The LFO section is capable of sine, up-ramp, down-ramp, square, and sample&hold. The filter section is represented with a...

1 600.00
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Duophonic Analog Synthesizer

Synthesizer, Analogue (A), Voices: 2, Monotimbral, Oscillators overall: 2, Oscillators' hard sync, Oscillators per voice: 2, Sub-Oscillators per voice: 2, Number of Keys: 44, Size: 3.5, Velocity Sensitivity.

4 000.00
Yamaha CS-20m
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Monophonic Analog Synthesizer

CS-20m is a monophonic synthesizer based on a dual oscillator with subtractive synthesis. There’s a third oscillator producing a sine wave featured in the VCA section which helps to modulate the sound. The instrument has a 37-note keyboard and offers an...

1 200.00
Roland SH-5
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Monophonic Analog Synthesizer

Synthesizer, Analogue (A), Voices: 1, Monophonic, Monotimbral, Oscillators overall: 2, Oscillators per voice: 2, Sub-Oscillators per voice: 2, Size: 3.5, Velocity Sensitivity, Number of Keys: 44.

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