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Pittsburgh Modular Game System

Game System

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Game System 1
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Pittsburgh Modular Game System
Pittsburgh Modular Game System
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Game system is a sequencer of CV and gate signals with control via joystick and buttons.

The module contains six pre-installed "games", each of which contains an individual type of sequencing: from a standard step sequencer to a chaotic set of CV and gate signals.

All information is displayed on a three-color display of 64 elements (8x8). Sequences are controlled with the joystick movement, and values are set by pressing the joystick, and this information can be entered by external CV signals.

There are four pad buttons:

  • Game - toggles the sequence type.
  • Mode - the function depends on the selected "game".
  • Reset - Resets the current sequence.
  • Clock - the button for setting the tap tempo; when using an external synchronization signal - allows you to set the rhythm divider.


  • 1. Meteor Shower - the screen displays chaotically moving meteorites, the joystick-controlled ship moves through them. The ship collisions and movement produce CV signals.
  • 2. Music Programmer - a classic 32-step sequencer for gate and CV signals. Several playback modes are available. The output is quantized in semitones.
  • 3. Percussion Programmer - four-channel programmable rhythm sequencer.
  • 4. Time traveler - four-channel two-dimensional frequency clock divider. The dividers 1-8 are located along the X axis, and the dividing points – Y axis. Each of the four outputs can be either static or modulated.
  • 5. Probability Machine - uses a cascade algorithm to generate random gate signals. The signals are always subject to the synchronization signal.
  • 6. Euclidian Rhythms - algorithmic gate sequencer, evenly distributing signals along the entire length of the sequence.

Country of origin / production: USA

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More info
Usage area
Modular System 
Usage Design/ Form Factor
Sound Module 
Modular Format Eurorack
Type of Sound Module
Digital (D) 
Step Sequencer 
Pattern Sequencer 
Width (Eurorack)10 HP
Weight0.2 kg
Case/ body

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