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Yamaha SY85
/5 0

Music Workstation

SY85 is a 61-note velocity sensitive keyboard with aftertouch featuring 32 voices of polyphony. The oscillator section is based on AWM2 which is a second generation Advanced Wave Memory. The filter is represented with digital low pass, high pass, band...

Roland TR-626
5.0/5 1

Rhythm machine

Roland TR-626 became one of the very first full-digital drum machines which are based on compressed PCM samples – it also the latest unit of the famous TR series. It is an updated digital version of the classic TR-606 and TR-505. The design is very...

Roland TR-08
/5 0

Virtual Analog Drum Machine Module

Rhytm/ Drum Machine, Production start: 2017.

Roland TR-8S
/5 0

Rhythm Performer

Rhytm/ Drum Machine, Bass Synthesizer, Percussion Synthesizer, Digital (D), Production start: 2018.

Roland Fantom-X8
/5 0

Production Station

Fantom-X8 is a 88-note keyboard with Progressive Hammer action Mechanism and channel aftertouch. Fantom-X series comprises new sound generator chip. Plus to the famous 5-tone architecture and 128 voices of polyphony there’s 1GB of waveform capacity...

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