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Manufacturer/ Brand: Pittsburgh Modular

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Pittsburgh Modular Analog Delay
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Analog Delay

Analog delay module, built on two chips 4096 BBD (Bucket Brigade Delay line). It is the predecessor of Analog Replicator. Rate sets the delay time, FBK - the feedback intensity, DRY - the volume of the original signal at the output, WET - the value...

Pittsburgh Modular Waveforms Oscillator
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Waveforms Oscillator

Waveforms Oscillator is the analog oscillator (VCO) with multiple outputs and the possibility of modulation. Waveforms is designed to work with 1V/octave signals, and notes can be played within five octaves. Unlike vintage VCO, the module has good...

Pittsburgh Modular Verbtronic
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Digital Reverb

Verbtronic is a digital mono echo effect. It has two modes of operation: "verb" and "tronic". Verb creates a short echo with a small number of reflections. Tronic is a specific long soaring echo effect. The "tonal tilt" control is a kind of equalizer...

Pittsburgh Modular Toolbox
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Slew limiter, Noise, S&H, Inverter

The module consists of three independent function blocks: Glide - the limiter (or portamento, or lag-processor). The "TIME" knob adjusts the rise time of the signal.Sample & hold - contains an analog noise generator and a sample&hold circuit. The...

Pittsburgh Modular Time Runner
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Logical Pattern Generator

Time Runner is a pattern generator that can also be used as a rhythm divider. The clock signal can come from the built-in oscillator or from the external source. This signal is fed to four channels, which divide by 2, 4, 8 and 16. Each channel has two...