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Pittsburgh Modular ADSR
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Four Stage Envelope Generator

ADSR launched by Pittsburg Modular is a classic envelope generator with four parameters: attack, decay, sustain and release. A two-position switch sets the generator time limit. A red indicator is provided for visualizing the operation of the module. The module is designed in a strict vintage style.

Pittsburgh Modular Analog Delay
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Analog Delay

Analog delay module, built on two chips 4096 BBD (Bucket Brigade Delay line). It is the predecessor of Analog Replicator. Rate sets the delay time, FBK - the feedback intensity, DRY - the volume of the original signal at the output, WET - the value...

Pittsburgh Modular Analog Replicator
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Analog Delay

Analog Replicator is a delay built on two BBD chips. Delay is conventionally considered to be analog, since the BBD (Bucket Brigade Device) technology is something between the analogue and the digital (the signal is discretized in time, but not quantized...

Pittsburgh Modular Chain Reactor
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Chain reactor is represented with four independent LFOs enclosed in one case. The first two oscillators are VILFO (pittsburgh modular vilfo), unique modulatable LFOs. For each of them an inf CV and ws CV is provided. Frequency, external source depth and...

Pittsburgh Modular Crush
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Crush is an analog bitcrusher, an effect that simulates the degradation of a signal when the sample rate decreases. The effect is based on the quantization of a signal with a specified frequency, which is set manually or via CV input. The ratio of the...