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Synthesizers - Pittsburgh Modular

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Manufacturer/ Brand: Pittsburgh Modular

found following products (49):

  Analog Semimodular Synthesizer  
629.00 U.S.Dollars
  Analog Modular Synthesizer  
699.00 U.S.Dollars
  Analog Modular Synthesizer  
3 800.00 U.S.Dollars
  Analog Modular Synthesizer  
2 600.00 U.S.Dollars
  Modular Percussion Sequencer  
349.00 U.S.Dollars
  Semi-Modular Synthesizer block  
399.00 U.S.Dollars
  Analog Modular Synthesizer  
1 590.00 U.S.Dollars
  Waveshaper, Expander Module for the Generator  
169.00 U.S.Dollars
  Dual Oscillator FM  
229.00 U.S.Dollars
  Clock Divider / Pattern Generator  
199.00 U.S.Dollars
  Analog Modular Synthesizer  
699.00 U.S.Dollars
  Pressure Sensitive Keyboard Controller  
499.00 U.S.Dollars
  Audio and Control Voltage Signal Router  
69.00 U.S.Dollars
  Oscillator v1  
219.00 U.S.Dollars
169.00 U.S.Dollars
  Analog Delay  
350.00 U.S.Dollars
  Waveforms Oscillator  
249.00 U.S.Dollars
  Digital Reverb  
199.00 U.S.Dollars
  Slew limiter, Noise, S&H, Inverter  
149.00 U.S.Dollars
  Logical Pattern Generator  
299.00 U.S.Dollars