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Manufacturer/ Brand: Pioneer DJ

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Multitrack Sequencer

Pioneer DJ TORAIZ AS-1
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Monophonic Analog Synthesizer

This mono synthesizer had every chance to become a bestseller. The reason is simple - it is assembled by a well-known Japanese company producing audio-video equipment on the elements of the top synthesizer Dave Smith Instruments Prophet-6. AS-1 became...

Pioneer DJ TORAIZ SP-16
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Sampler&Step Sequencer

The release of Pioneer DJ Toraiz SP-16 took place in 2016. The original sampler is the embodiment of popular instruments, as it includes a 16-step sequencer, based on the principle of TR-8 drum machine, a grid of multi-colored 16 pads taken from NI...

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Pioneer DJ DDJ-WeGO4
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Portable DJ-Controller

Pioneer DJ DDJ-WeGO4 is a 2-channel controller made of plastic, and comes in 2 colors - black and white. It has a 2-band equalizer and a filter knob, along with a 2-channel fader and a crossfader on its surface. It also has 2 small platters, each of them...

Pioneer DJ DDJ-RZ
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DDJ-RZ was released in 2015. The controller has a 4-channel mixer and 2 high-quality platters with an adjustable "feel" from light to heavy, taken from CDJ-2000NXS. In fact, DDJ-RZ mirrors DDJ-SZ, the Serato controller released in 2014. The rear panel...

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