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Manufacturer/ Brand: Pioneer DJ

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Pioneer DJ DDJ-RX
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Pioneer DDJ-RX became one of the most outstanding DJ controllers among the DDJ series. It is designed to work with Rekordbox DJ software. Its body consists of a chunky plastic shell with a metal top plate, heavy enough to be strong, but still retaining...

1 000.00
Pioneer DJ DDJ-SZ
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Release of DDJ-SZ controller took place in 2014. It is made in the style of the CDJ/DJM line, and in a close up, it has similar functions compared to the previous flagship controller - DDJ-SX. But such details as the improved performance pads and the...

2 000.00
Pioneer DJ DDJ-RB
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2-deck DJ Controller

Light, compact, and far from "toy" plastic DJ-controllers, DDJ-RB from Pioneer DJ looks like a serious device. Its body, like the facade, is made of rigid plastic, and the knobs of the 3-band equalizer with the filter also made of plastic, but they do...

Pioneer DJ XDJ-RX
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Pioneer XDJ-RX looks like an imposing controller. So imposing that it could well represent the beginning of a DJing career that will still be relevant in a year and even longer. Among the basic features the controller has 2 CDJ-players (without CD-slots)...

1 500.00
Pioneer DJ DDJ-SR
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Pioneer released DDJ-SR in October 2014, introducing it as the most compact and portable controller to use with Serato DJ. Among the entire DDJ series, it is the "golden mean". On its surface there are 2 large silvery platters, 8 pads under each of them....