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Oberheim 2 Voice
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Analog Duophonic Synthesizer

Keeping track of the success of his first synthesizer and willing to create a new product, Tom Oberheim simply combined two SEM modules with a keyboard and a basic sequencer putting them into one housing. This made it possible to get a duophonic...

3 000.00
Buchla 207e
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Mixer / Microphone Preamplifier

Buchla developers always try to meet all possible user requests. 207e module combined the mixer and an unprecedented for modular synthesizers microphone preamplifier. The mixer is the same as in the 206e model. It has six mono channels with volume and...

1 499.00
Buchla 259e
/5 0

Twisted Waveform Generator

Buchla 259e is a system of two oscillators: a complex waveform generator and a modulation generator. The Principal Oscillator can produce signals within nine octaves. Two wavetables are used to construct the signals. Voices can be selected from banks:...

1 599.00
Buchla 261e
/5 0

Complex Waveform Generator

261e module generates sound by interaction of the two generators (principal and modulation). Principal oscillator generates a sine wave within the range from 27.5 to 7040 Hz. The base wave can be transformed into a more complex one with the help of a...

1 599.00
Buchla 267e
/5 0

Uncertainty Source / Dual Filter

267e is designed to perform three functions: noise generation, randomization of CV signals and band-pass filtering of audio signals. The noise generator has three outputs: 3 dB / oct - white noise; -3 dB / oct - white noise with low spectral shift; Flat...