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Alesis Andromeda A6
5.0/5 2

16 Voice Analog Synthesizer

Andromeda A6 is a 61-note velocity sensitive keyboard with aftertouch. The 16-note polyphonic synthesizer comprises 2 oscillators per voice, includes sub oscillators, generates 5 waveforms among which there are sine, triangle, square, up saw, down saw...

3 000.00
Roland AX-Edge
4.5/5 2


At that time as the crowd rushed to the "new analog", Roland once again confirmed their theory that the time of analog instruments ended in the 80s. And they disproved another theory that keytars also remained in the 80s. Look at this monumental ...

1 100.00
Roland AX-Synth
/5 0

Shoulder Synthesizer

The Roland AX-Synth is a shoulder synthesizer designed for live performance. It features an onboard sound engine, a built-in synthesizer, a MIDI controller, and an array of performance-oriented controls. The AX-Synth is designed to be worn like a...

Yamaha CS-80
4.7/5 4

Polyphonic Analog Synthesizer

CS-80 was launched in 1976. The multitimbral instrument with analog subtractive synthesis features 8-voice polyphony as well as 2 oscillators per voice. Two synth layers are available per voice. Settings memory is based on a bank of micropotentiometers....

8 000.00
Yamaha CS6x
5.0/5 1

AWM2/ VA Synthesizer

The Yamaha CS6x is a synthesizer workstation released by Yamaha in 1996. It is a powerful and versatile instrument that combines a 61-key synthesizer with a 16-track sequencer, a variety of effects, and a built-in sampler. The CS6x was designed to be an...