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Dexibell Vivo S9
5.0/5 2

Performance Keyboard

Synthesizer Keyboard, Performance Synthesizer, Digital (D), Voices: 320, Multi Timbral Capacity: 3 part(s), Oscillators overall: 320, Velocity Sensitivity, Number of Keys: 88, Production start: 2018.

3 500.00
Kawai MP7
/5 0

Digital Stage Piano

MP7 is an excellent digital piano, which has a lot of features, but at the same time, has a reasonable price. Thanks to intuitive settings, the instrument is suitable not only for professionals, but also for beginners. MP7 is equipped with the same...

1 800.00
Kurzweil Artis
/5 0

Stage Piano

Synthesizer Keyboard, Digital (D), Voices: 128, Multi Timbral Capacity: 16 part(s), Aftertouch, Velocity Sensitivity, Size: 7.5, Number of Keys: 88.

2 000.00
Yamaha CP4 Stage
/5 0

Stage Piano

Digital (D), Voices: 128, Size: 7.5, Velocity Sensitivity, Aftertouch, Number of Keys: 88, Production start: 2014.

2 200.00
Yamaha DX5
/5 0

FM Synthesizer

DX5 is a 32-voice polyphonic bitimbral synthesizer allowing for 2 simultaneous patches. LFO section features Sine/Square/Tri/SAW up/SAW Down/Random waveforms. VCA has 6 envelope generators each of which has 8 parameters. There’s no effects section. It...