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Korg Nautilus 61 AT

Performance Workstation

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Korg Nautilus 61 AT
2 200.00 street price

Country of origin / production: China

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Usage area
Performance Synthesizer 
Usage Design/ Form Factor
With Keys 
Multi Timbral Capacity16 part(s)
Split/LayerKeyboard and velocity splits, layers, and crossfades of up to 16 Programs and/or external MIDI Devices
Tone Generator / Sound Synthesis
Vector Synthesis 
HD-1 (High Definition Synthesizer) 
AL-1 Analog Synthesizer 
CX3 Tonewheel Organ 
STR1 Plucked String Synthesizer 
MS-20EX Legacy Analog Collection 
PolysixEX Legacy Analog Collection 
MOD-7 Waveshaping VPM (Variable Phase Modulation) Synthesizer 
SGX-2 Premium Piano 
EP-1 MDS Electric Piano 
Programs/ Voices/ Timbres
Single Voice Preset1920
User-defined Single Voice2560
Multitimbral Preset256
User-defined Multitimbral1792
Drum Kits Preset104
Drum Kits User-defined264
Insert Effects12
Master Effects2
Effects overall197
Sampler Format Linear
Sample Format WAV
Sample Format AIF
Sample Format Custom
Sample Memory879 Mb
Resolution 16 bit/ 48 kHz
Resolution 24 bit/ 48 kHz
Samples Bank Size16000
Tracks count16
Sequencer Resolution480 ppqn
Tempo (min value)40
Tempo (max value)300
User Songs Templates200
Audio Recorder
Recording Format PCM
Recording Format 48 kHz/ 16 bit
Recording Format 48 kHz/ 24 bit
Arpegiator/ Portamento
RPPR (Realtime Pattern Play/Recording) 
MIDI in/ out
Type Semi-weighted
Velocity Sensitivity 
Number of Keys61
Display type TFT
Resolution: Horizontal800
Resolution: Vertical480
Resolution: Diagonal7
Touch Screen 
Audio out
Analogue: 1/8" (3.5mm)6
Analogue: 1/4" (6.35mm) headphones preamplified1
Maximum output, line4 dBu
Impedance, line350
Maximum output, headphones20.8 dBu
Impedance, headphones33 Ω
Audio in
Analog 1/4"2
Maximum input line level4 dBu
Mic Impedance-22 Ω
Computer Interfaces
SSD: SSD size60
USB: USB Host1
USB MIDI through USB
Power Supply Built-in, internal
Power consumption40 W
Height116 mm
Width1062 mm
Depth386 mm
Weight13 kg
Case/ body
Production start2023

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4.0/5 1

  Performance Workstation   1 700.00 U.S.Dollars

The Korg Nautilus 61 is a 61-key synthesizer workstation with a full-color touchscreen display. It features a wide range of sounds and effects, as well as a 16-track sequencer and a powerful arpeggiator. It also includes a built-in USB audio interface...

5.0/5 1

  Performance Workstation   2 400.00 U.S.Dollars

The Korg Nautilus 73 is a 73-key synthesizer workstation with a powerful sound engine and intuitive user interface. It features a range of synthesis options, including analog modeling, wavetable synthesis, and physical modeling, as well as a range of...

/5 0

  Performance Workstation   2 300.00 U.S.Dollars

The Korg Nautilus 88 is a professional-grade 88-key synthesizer workstation. It features a powerful sound engine, a variety of effects, and a wide range of connectivity options. It is designed to provide users with a comprehensive and intuitive music production experience.

/5 0

  Performance Workstation   2 400.00 U.S.Dollars

Workstation, Performance Synthesizer, Synthesizer, Multi Timbral Capacity: 16 part(s), Velocity Sensitivity, Aftertouch, Size: 6, Number of Keys: 73, Production start: 2023.

/5 0

  Performance Workstation   2 700.00 U.S.Dollars

Workstation, Performance Synthesizer, Synthesizer, Multi Timbral Capacity: 16 part(s), Number of Keys: 88, Size: 7, Aftertouch, Velocity Sensitivity, Production start: 2023.

Yamaha MONTAGE 6
/5 0

  Synthesizer Workstation   2 800.00 U.S.Dollars

The experience while making DX and Motif series resulted in the creation of the Montage. The 61-note FSX semi-weighted keyboard enables easy managing of instruments two synthesis engines AWM2 and FM-X with the Motion Control. FM-X based on frequency...

Roland Fantom 6
/5 0

  Performance Workstation   3 300.00 U.S.Dollars

The Roland Fantom 6 is a professional music workstation synthesizer released by Roland Corporation in 2020. It features a 61-key keyboard, 16-track sequencer, and a powerful sound engine with over 1,000 sounds. It also includes a variety of effects and...

/5 0

  Synthesizer Workstation   3 500.00 U.S.Dollars

Synthesizer, Performance Synthesizer, Workstation, Digital (D), Voices: 128, Multi Timbral Capacity: 16 part(s), Initial Touch, Aftertouch, Velocity Sensitivity, Number of Keys: 61, Size: 5.

1.0/5 1

  Synthesizer Workstation   2 600.00 U.S.Dollars

Workstation, Synthesizer, Performance Synthesizer, Digital (D), Voices: 256, Multi Timbral Capacity: 16 part(s), Size: 5, Variable Touch Response, Number of Keys: 61, Velocity Sensitivity, Aftertouch.