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Manufacturer/ Brand: Oberheim

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Oberheim OB-12
5.0/5 2

VA Synth

Black (well, gray at least) page in the history of Oberheim. This synthesizer is difficult to associate with Oberheim, for which there are a number of reasons: First, Tom Oberheim did not take any part in the development of this product. Second, this is...

Oberheim 2 Voice Pro
/5 0

Analog Duophonic Synthesizer

2 Voice Pro is the favorite creature of Tom Oberheim. It almost completely replicates the set of functions introduced in the model released in 1975. "Almost" means that the synthesizer received some additional functions to the set of the original ones....

3 495.00
Oberheim Matrix 1000
/5 0

6 Voices Polyphonic Synthesizer Module

Matrix 1000 is a synthesizer module built on the basis of Matrix 6 (6R) architecture. Unlike the “6" models it doesn’t have external controls for tuning the sound; instead, there is a selection of 1000 preset patches, including 195 keys, 118 string, 130...

Oberheim Matrix-6
/5 0

Polyphonic Analog Synthesizer

The successor of Matrix series, however, has a feature that strongly distinguishes Matrix-6 from its predecessors: the synthesizer's voices use digitally controlled oscillators (DCO). To build the voices Oberhiem used a specialized chip CEM3396 which...

Oberheim OB-Xa
5.0/5 1

Polyphonic Analog Synthesizer

In the early 80's all serious synthesizer manufacturers had to try hard to stay on the market after the release of the Prophet-5 synthesizer. The first attempt to grab his bite of the niche was made by Oberheim when he launched OB-X synthesizer, the...

4 000.00