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Oberheim DPX1
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Rackmount Sample Player

DPX1 is a simple sampler module designed to work together with MIDI devices (keyboards, controllers and sequencers). Samples from a floppy disk (3.5 "or 5") are uploaded onto the built-in memory (1 MB), after which the samples can be used. There is no...

Oberheim DSX
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Digital Polyphonic Sequencer

DSX is a desktop sequencer module designed to work with OB synthesizers and a DMX drum machine. For integration with devices, a parallel interface (Oberheim Parallel Bus) or CV and Gate format outputs are used, which allows users to apply the module to...

Oberheim DX
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Drum Machine

DX is a lighter, and therefore cheaper, DMX version. It sounds a little bit "thinner" than its older brother. DX uses the same 8-bit samples DMX does, but they’re decreased in number - 18. The drum machine doesn’t contain voice cards, and all EPROM chips...

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Polyphonic Synthesizer Programmer

PSP is not a toy console, but a revolutionary control module for SEM synthesizer units. In May 1976, the first polyphonic 8 voice was released, based on SEM modules. Eight modules represent eight independent voltage controlled filters, sixteen voltage...

Oberheim DMX
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Drum Machine

DMX is the cult drum machine, which determined the sound of RAP and Hip-Hop music. In 1980, Linn Electronics inc released the world's first serial drum machine - Linn LM-1 Drum Computer. It immediately became wildly popular, but not as much affordable...