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Moog Minimoog Voyager

Analog Synthesizer

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Moog Minimoog Voyager
Moog Minimoog Voyager
2 900.00 street price

This is a successful attempt to remind the world of what an analog synthesizer is. It appeared in 2002, when Dr. Robert Moog finally won the rights to his company (Moog Music) back.

The signal path remained completely analog and schematically very close to the original Model D. Minor changes were made to eliminate undesirable changes in pitch (pitch drift), which all analog synthesizers featuring VCO fall prey to.

As for the "legacy" Voyager got:

Three analog voltage-controlled oscillators with wave shape.

Classic low-pass resonant filter with the possibility of modulation by different sources.

Analog voltage controlled amplifier with ADSR-envelope generator.

An individual envelope generator for VCF with attack, release, after-sound and pedestal time control.

A low-frequency generator with a waveform selection.

New options:

Settings of all knobs and switches can be saved in patches. A total of 128 patches are provided (with the updated OS - 896).

The keyboard is velocity sensitive now and features aftertouch.

The common vintage appearance has a striking detail - a touch panel that allows you to control the parameters of the modulation.

Full MIDI compatibility - in, out, thru.

There are also connectors that allow you to build circuits bypassing internal routing, and add external modulation signals, which allows you to get the flexibility of the modular system. The rear panel of the control unit covers a wide range of connectivity features:

CV for VOL, PAN, FILTER, WAVE, PITCH, MOD1 and 2 parameters.

Sync for the LFO control.

Sample&Hold effect possibility.

There’s a break featured in the circuit between the mixer and the controlled filter.

This synthesizer was used by: Madonna, Black Eyed peas, Alicia Keys, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Maroon 5, Nickelback, Dream Theater, The Crystal Method ...

Tags: analog synthesizer

Country of origin / production: USA

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More info
Usage area
Usage Design/ Form Factor
With Keys 
Analogue (A) 
Tone Generator / Sound Synthesis
Oscillator Type VCO (Voltage Controlled Oscillator)
Oscillators per voice3
Waveform/ Spectral form (main generator) Pulse Width Modulation (PWM)
Waveform/ Spectral form (main generator) Triangle
Waveform/ Spectral form (main generator) Saw
Waveform/ Spectral form (main generator) Reverse Sawtooth
Programs/ Voices/ Timbres
Voltage Controlled Filter (VCF) 
Low-pass Filter (LPF) 
Envelope Generator (EG)
Arpegiator/ Portamento
General MIDI (GM) 
MIDI in/ out
Type Synth Action
Velocity Sensitivity 
Number of Keys44
Display type TFT
Color resolution Monochrome
Built-in controllers
Pitch Bend Wheel 
Modulation Wheel 
Touch screen 
Audio out
Analogue: 1/4" (6.35mm)1
Audio in
Analog 1/4"1
Voltage 100-230(250)V
Power Supply Built-in, internal
Height8 mm
Width77.5 mm
Depth45.7 mm
Weight18.2 kg
Case/ body
Production start2002
Production end2015
Production ended

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