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Manufacturer/ Brand: Manikin Electronic

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Digital Rackmount Mellotron

Memotron rack version allows for diving into 60s and 70s sonic abundancy of the Beatles, Genesis and King Crimson. The instrument has full MIDI implementation and is compatible with the Memotron keyboard sounds. The library can number up to 200 sounds....

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Step Sequencer

Schrittmacher offers 32 configurable parameter lines with 16 steps each. The steps can be edited with 16 rotary encoders with integrated pushbuttons (there are 28 additional pushbuttons for sequence processing). The sequencer is easy to navigate and...

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Sample tone generator with keyboard

Memotron m2k is the digital version of the famous instrument which appeared in the 60s. Genesis, Pink Floyd, the Beatles and Tangerine Dream style sounds are integrated in the unit’s sonic structure allowing you to achieve that 60s-70s sound. There are...

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Sample tone generator

The recent Memotron instrument - Memotron m2d – is enclosed into rugged metal case and offers all the basic control details of the original M400 interface. There are 700 memory cells which you can trigger recalling them from internal memory. SD-card...

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