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Manikin Electronic Memotron rack

Digital Rackmount Mellotron


Manikin Electronic Memotron rack
1 100.00 street price

Memotron rack version allows for diving into 60s and 70s sonic abundancy of the Beatles, Genesis and King Crimson. The instrument has full MIDI implementation and is compatible with the Memotron keyboard sounds. The library can number up to 200 sounds.

Compact flash card stores the sounds which can be loaded fast, the unit ships with 100 patches onboard (57 new sounds, full Studio and Vintage 1 colletion as well as other sounds from different existing collections).

Panorama, volume, transposition point, effects, attack and release amount can be stored as Multis. Memotron rack has 128-voice polyphony and 6-part multitimbrality. There’s a 2-pole low pass filter, and the digital effects section is represented with reverb, delay, chorus, flanger and rotary speaker, and sound is tweakable thanks to modulation capabilities. Each sound bank can have its separate settings for attack, decay, pan and volume.

The connectivity is featured with 1/4" Phone Jack, Stereo Main, Stereo Headphone audio outputs, MIDI in/thru.

Country of origin / production: Germany

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