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Yamaha DX7S

FM Synthesizer

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DX7S 1
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Yamaha DX7S
Yamaha DX7S
300.00 street price

DX7S (S stands for single timbre) is one of the improved versions of DX7 featuring the increased internal patch memory, upgraded implementation of MIDI significantly improving it and enhanced the output sound fidelity. The original model featured 12-bit floating point DAC + 2 bits of analogue companding (equivalent to 14 bits of dynamic range but not signal-to-noise ratio) while DX7S offered full linear 15 bits (a 16-bit DAC with the least significant bit tied off, nonfunctional).

Tags: digital synthesizer

Country of origin / production: Japan

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More info
Usage area
Performance Synthesizer 
Usage Design/ Form Factor
With Keys 
Digital (D) 
Multi Timbral Capacity2 part(s)
Tone Generator / Sound Synthesis
Synthesis Method Frequency Modulation (FM)
Oscillator Type DCO (Digitally Controlled Oscillator)
FM Operators6
Waveform/ Spectral form (main generator) Sine
Programs/ Voices/ Timbres
User-defined Single Voice64
User-defined Multitimbral32
Envelope Generator (EG)
LFO: LFO Count1
Arpegiator/ Portamento
MIDI in/ out
Type Synth Action
Velocity Sensitivity 
Initial Touch 
Number of Keys61
Display type TFT
Built-in controllers
Pitch Bend Wheel 
Modulation Wheel 
Slider/ Drawbar3
External controllers
Breath Controller 
Sustain foot pedal 
Expression foot pedal 
Audio out
Analogue: 1/4" (6.35mm)1
Analogue: 1/4" (6.35mm) headphones preamplified1
Preset Memory Slot/ Wave Expansion Board1
Voltage 220V
Voltage 240V
Voltage 110V
Voltage 50Hz
Power Supply Built-in, internal
Power consumption40 W
Height102 mm
Width1018 mm
Depth329 mm
Weight10.5 kg
Case/ body
Production start1986
Production end1989
Production ended

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DX7 is considered one of the most popular synthesizers created by Yamaha. A 16-voice polyphonic synthesizer offers a 16-bit digital 6-operator FM synthesis (6 operators per voice, 32 algorithms). The instrument is monotimbral. The keyboard features 61...

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DX7 II D (D stands for dual timbres/outputs) was similar to DX7S with the addition of stereo outputs, bitimbrality and integrating a larger screen. The bitimbrality allows for using layer and split modes. Deep voices and juicy combinations could be...

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DX7 II FD (FD stands for Floppy Drive). The version is equal to the DX7 II D with the addition of a floppy disk drive. The instrument offered 1MB of memory space which is identical to 40 RAM cartridges delivering thousands of voices and making fractional scaling, SysEx data available.

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DX9 is a 16-voice polyphonic synthesizer based on digital 4-operator FM synthesis. There’s no filter section. VCA features an ADSR envelope. Memory provides with 20 patches. DX9 was released in 1983 – same year DX7 hit the market. Back then it was...

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The Yamaha DX7 II Centennial is a limited edition digital synthesizer released in 1987 to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the Yamaha Corporation. It is a re-release of the original DX7 synthesizer, but with improved features such as a larger memory...

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  • enpdf1.22Mb Yamaha DX7 Voice Library Performance Notes
  • enpdf3.25Mb Yamaha DX7S Owner's Manual