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Oberheim SEM with patch panel
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Synthesizer Expander Module

In 2009 Tom Oberheim decided to revive SEM module which was released in 1974 becoming a real classic. In the modern edition almost all functional blocks have been preserved without any introduction: Two discrete voltage controlled oscillators (VCO)...

/5 0

Synthesizer Expander Module

Reconstructed and prepared to work in modern conditions, an analog monophonic synthesizer module. Signal path, comparing to the original module of 1974 year of production, remained almost unchanged. Several details that are no longer available have been...

1 000.00
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Synthesizer Expander Module

The older model in the line of modern SEM modules, combines all the additional options. For interaction with modular systems there are 21 CV inputs/outputs (3.5 mm jacks). There’s a MIDI-CV converter so that it could work with MIDI equipment. It is based...

1 200.00
Oberheim Xpander
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Desktop Synthesizer Module

In 1984 Oberheim tried to assemble a modular system in a relatively small housing with the ability to quickly and easily integrate with other devices. The result was Xpander which combines the flexibility of a modular system with the ease of controlling...

2 500.00
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Synthesizer Expander Module

In the 70s Tom Oberheim became famous as a talented inventor of guitar effects. Its ring modulator and phase shifter, produced under the Maestro brand, were real bestsellers. At the same time, Tom was the official dealer of ARP synthesizers in Los...