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Tone Generator / Sound Synthesis

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Clavia Nord Modular Rack
/5 0


Sound Module/ Tone Generator, Digital (D), Production ended: Yes.

/5 0

Digital Piano Sound Module/ Tone Generator

Electro 2 Rack - an uncompromising selection of emulations of key voices in the rack format. B3 is the basis of the organ section of the instrument. The original sound of the B3 was recreated using a digital model according to the proprietory technology....

3.0/5 1

Electronic Drums Controller

DDrum 4 is a drum module created by Clavia. The instrument has 6 assignable outputs, 500 instrument voices, 20 drum sets (16-bit samples). MIDI implementation allows you to load libraries. The device offers nine trigger inputs, five of which have a mute...

1 000.00
Clavia Nord Rack (Lead Rack)
/5 0

Virtual Analog Synthesizer Module

Sound Module/ Tone Generator, Analog Modeling (AM), Voices: 4, Multi Timbral Capacity: 4 part(s), Oscillators per voice: 2, Production start: 1995, Production end: 1997, Production ended: Yes.

Clavia Nord Micro Modular
/5 0

Synthesizer Module

Sound Module/ Tone Generator, Digital (D), Production ended: Yes.