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Yamaha Genos
/5 0

Performance Arranger

Performance Synthesizer, Workstation, With Keys, Digital (D), Voices: 256, Multi Timbral Capacity: 4 part(s), Reverb, Insert Effects: 28, Rotary Speaker, Chorus, Compressor.

6 800.00
/5 0

Expandable MIDI Controller

The expanded A-90 version. MIDI Controller.64-voice polyphony.128 presets.Onboard effects.Digital piano/ synthesizer presets. True stereo piano samples.64 user patch locations + 64 additional patches using an M-512E RAM card.Expandable with VE-JV1 or...

Waldorf Wave
/5 0

Wavetable Digital Synthesizer

Wave is probably the most refined creation of Waldorf in the history of this German company, which appeared in 1993, in the era of the vector synthesis and workstations. It’s a hybrid synthesizer which has a digital waveform generator based on...

20 000.00
Dexibell Combo J7
/5 0

Digital Organ Synthesizer

Wind Instrument Synthesizer, Electro-organ, Synthesizer Keyboard, Digital (D), Rotary Speaker, Chorus, Overdrive/ Drive, Vibrato, OUT, IN, THRU.

2 500.00
VOX Continental 73
/5 0

Digital Organ

Synthesizer Keyboard, Performance Synthesizer, Organ Synthesizer, With Keys, Digital (D), Voices: 128, Compressor, Delay, Phaser, Overdrive/ Drive, Flanger.

2 200.00