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Roland SYSTEM-500 Complete Set
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SYSTEM-500 Complete Set

SYSTEM-500 Complete Set was the novelty of 2015, which was greeted and saluted by fans with "Roland’s back finally" shout outs. System-500 is the result of Roland and Malekko Heavy Industry (known for its synthesizer modules and guitar effects)...

2 400.00
Roland SYS-572
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The module 572 combines three independent blocks - Delay, Phaser and Low Frequency Oscillator. The five-stage phaser has frequency and resonance tuning. There are two inputs for external control signals (CV), which can control the ratio of the dry signal...

Dreadbox Phaser
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Analog Phase Shifter

Phaser is taken from the analog synthesizer Abyss.

Pittsburgh Modular Phase Shifter
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16 Stage Analog Phase Shifter

The Phase Shifter module is an analogue 16-step phaser. In addition to the output at the sixteenth stage, there’s another mix (dry/wet) is provided after the eight one. In addition, there are outputs after the seventh and fifteenth steps which allow no...

Buchla 297
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Infinite Phase Shifter

297 module is assembled according to an analog circuit and is not a representative of the "e" family. It represents the classic phase shift effect with advanced tuning and modulation capabilities. The module is divided into seven sections: Input section,...

1 399.00