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Roland BK-7m
/5 0

Desktop Backing Sound Module/ Audio Recorder with Video output

The Roland BK-7m is a backing module designed to provide accompaniment for live performances. It features over 1,000 sounds, rhythms, and effects, as well as a built-in sequencer and arranger. It can be used as a stand-alone instrument or as part of a larger system.

Roland SYSTEM-500 Complete Set
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SYSTEM-500 Complete Set

SYSTEM-500 Complete Set was the novelty of 2015, which was greeted and saluted by fans with "Roland’s back finally" shout outs. System-500 is the result of Roland and Malekko Heavy Industry (known for its synthesizer modules and guitar effects)...

2 400.00
Audiophile Circuits League System 1 Stereo Synth
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Tabletop Modular Analog Synthesizer

The Audiophile Circuits League System 1 Stereo Synth is a Eurorack-format modular synthesizer designed to be used in a studio or live performance environment. It is a semi-modular system, meaning that it does not require patching to produce sound, but...

4 000.00
Buchla LEM PB
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Powered 3 Boat

The case of Buchla format for desktop use. It can accommodate LEM3, LEM4, LEM7 or any other set of 200/200e series modules. An external switched mode power supply is used, which comes with a set of adapters for different types of networks (USA, Japan, Europe).

Buchla 201e-6U
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Passive Boat

Lower or upper part for building up an 18 panel system 200e. It does not have its own power supply, therefore it is necessary to connect it to the "active housing" (201e-6 Powered Boat) to make the modules operate.