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Granular Synthesizer

The Sonicware LIVEN Texture Lab is an innovative and creative music production tool that enables users to create unique and complex sound textures. It features an 8-step sequencer with a wide range of parameters and expressive knobs, as well as a...

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8bit Synth Groove Box

Groovebox/ MPC, Sound Module/ Tone Generator, Production start: 2022.

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Multi-Track FM Synthesizer/ Groove Box

The Sonicware LIVEN XFM is a next-generation music production and performance instrument that combines a powerful synthesizer, effects processor, and step sequencer into a single device. It features a wide range of sound-shaping controls, including...

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Bitmask Synthesizer

Kodamo MASK1 is a facial recognition device developed by Kodamo, a French company specializing in biometric solutions. The device is designed to be used in high security areas to identify individuals and grant them access to restricted areas. The device...

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Dexibell Combo J7
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Digital Organ Synthesizer

The Dexibell Combo J7 is a digital piano and organ combo that combines the sound and feel of an acoustic piano with the versatility of a digital organ. It features a full 88-key keyboard, a selection of organ sounds, and a range of effects and controls....

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