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Radikal Technologies RT-311
5.0/5 1

Swarm Oscillator

An important feature of the module created by the German engineer Jörg Schaaf is the possibility of layering of the settings of all oscillator parameters, and the process of combining can be controlled both through the control elements of the module,...

Pittsburgh Modular Vilfo
/5 0


Voltage Influenced LFO is a unique module in the world of modular systems. This is a very unusual low frequency oscillator. The module has two outputs: "TRI" is a triangular wave (basic for the module)."VAR" is a variable wave that goes from the triangle...

Orthogonal Devices ER-301
5.0/5 1

Sound Computer

The Orthogonal Devices ER-301 is a Eurorack-format digital sound processor designed for modular synthesizers. It features a powerful 32-bit processor, 16-bit analog-to-digital and digital-to-analog converters, and a variety of inputs and outputs. It is...

Moog Mother 32
4.0/5 1

Semi-modular Eurorack/ Tabletop Synthesizer

Mother 32 is designed to operate as a module system central unit or as a standalone desktop synth. It offers all the needed functions for a diverse sonic palette. Its VCO generates saw and square waveforms. In a square mode “pulse width” knob generates...

Pittsburgh Modular Lifeforms Percussion Sequencer
/5 0

Modular Percussion Sequencer

The Eurorack standard 4-channel sequencer, which has a classic drum machine interface, allows you to intuitively immerse yourself in creating drum parts, changing the settings of patterns and effects in real time without having to stop the sequence for...