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Polyphonic Analogue Synthesizer

Synthesizer, Sound Module/ Tone Generator, Analogue (A), Voices: 8, Multi Timbral Capacity: 2 part(s), Oscillators overall: 16, Oscillators per voice: 2, Production start: 2023.

6 500.00
Baloran The River
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Polyphonic Analogue Synthesizer

Performance Synthesizer, Synthesizer, Modular System, Analogue (A), Voices: 8, Multi Timbral Capacity: 8 part(s), Number of Keys: 61, Size: 5, Aftertouch, Velocity Sensitivity, Production start: 2018.

6 800.00
Roland SP-606
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Sampling Workstation

The Roland SP-606 is a digital sampling workstation designed for DJs and studio musicians. It combines sampling, sequencing, and effects processing capabilities in a portable and easy-to-use package. The SP-606 features a built-in sampler, a sequencer...

Analogue Solutions Treadstone
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Analogue Semimodular Synthesizer

No compromise has been made with the construction of Treadstone. Cheaper options in parts have not been used. Full rugged steel/aluminium case with real solid wood – no plastic mouldings, fully sealed against dust. Good quality knobs with spun aluminium...

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Sample tone generator with keyboard

Memotron m2k is the digital version of the famous instrument which appeared in the 60s. Genesis, Pink Floyd, the Beatles and Tangerine Dream style sounds are integrated in the unit’s sonic structure allowing you to achieve that 60s-70s sound. There are...

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