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Buchla 230e
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Triple Envelope Tracker/ Preamplifier

230e is the reincarnation of the classic Buchla 230. The modern module has an expanded functionality: now it can be used not only as an envelope generator, but also as a preamplifier, or even a three-channel mixer. Three built-in preamps have inputs via...

1 599.00
Buchla 296e
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Spectral Processor

296e is a 16-channel band pass filter with built-in eight-step spectral analyzer. The module can be used as a 16-channel VCF, a composite equalizer and a spectral vocoder. Each channel has an independent voltage-controlled amplifier with a control input...

4 599.00
Erica Synths Black Classic System
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Complete Eurorack Modular System

Black Classic System is a set of modules from the Black and Polivoks series, assembled in the Skiff housing with both internal and external power supply. The system has a fully analog audio path (except of the digital noise generator). There are 2 VCOs,...

2 400.00
Pittsburgh Modular Detect
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Envelope Follower

Detect is a small module (6HP) designed to generate control signals from an audio signal. Two CV signals at the output of the block: ENV (envelope signal) and GATE (pulse waveform). For the envelope detector, attack and decay settings are available. The...

Pittsburgh Modular Envelope
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Envelope is an analog function generator which can be used in a variety of ways: attack-decay (AD) envelope, attack-sustain-release (ASR), attack-release (AR), LFO, output voltage limiter, wave shaper. The attack time is set by the regulator or an...