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Moog Micromoog

Analog Monophonic Synthesizer

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Moog Micromoog
Moog Micromoog
600.00 street price

Micromoog was the company’s attempt to make a small affordable though full-featured synthesizer.

The instrument is built on the basis of only one VCO, which can be transposed within five octaves. The basic sawtooth wave can be converted into a square wave or into a punchy “heartbeat” signal. The "doubling" control mixes the built-in octave signal with the VCO signal.

VCF has a classic Moog structure with cutoff frequency, resonance and depth control of the envelope generator.

The synthesizer features two blocks of the envelope generator: Filter contour - directed to control VCF, Loudness contour (on some models "articulator") - VCA. For each of them, the attack and release time is adjustable, as well as the sustain which can be switched off.

The modulation section allows you to select the source and send it to VCO, VCO and VCF or VCF only. A noise generator, an LFO, or a sample&hold circuit can be selected as the source.

The LFO produces a triangular and rectangular wave in the range within 0.3 to 30 Hz.

A special feature of the synthesizer is the use of a ribbon controller instead of a usual pitch bend wheel.

Micromoog has an input for an external audio signal that can be processed in the VCA and VCF sections.

Among the users of Micromoog Chik Corea, Kraftwerk, Apollo 440 can be noted.

Country of origin / production: USA

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More info
Usage area
Usage Design/ Form Factor
With Keys 
Analogue (A) 
Tone Generator / Sound Synthesis
Oscillator Type VCO (Voltage Controlled Oscillator)
Oscillators per voice1
Waveform/ Spectral form (main generator) Pulse Width Modulation (PWM)
Waveform/ Spectral form (main generator) Saw
Voltage Controlled Filter (VCF) 
Low-pass Filter (LPF) 
Envelope Generator (EG)
Arpegiator/ Portamento
Type Synth Action
Number of Keys32
Built-in controllers
Modulation Wheel 
Ribbon Controller1
Audio out
Analogue: 1/8" (3.5mm)1
Audio in
Analog 1/8"1
Voltage 110V
Voltage 60Hz
Power Supply Built-in, internal
Height14 mm
Width61 mm
Depth38 mm
Weight9.1 kg
Case/ body
Production start1975
Production end1979
Production ended

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