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MFB Dominion 1

Paraphonic Analog Synthesizer

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MFB Dominion 1
MFB Dominion 1
1 300.00 street price

DOMINION 1 combines the advantages of analog synthesis, modular patching and programmability. A 12-operation mode filter has four low pass variations with 6, 12, 18 and 24 dB/oct. slopes, two of high pass-, band pass and notch filter with slopes of 6 and 12 dB/oct available.

Considering maximum flexibility of the 3 oscillators you can use the synthesizer as a paraphonic instrument.


* Paraphonic Programmable Analog Synthesizer with 3 Octave Keyboard
* 2 Ribbon Controls, Arpeggiator/Sequencer, Velocity&Aftertouch
* 3 VCOs with Waveshaping, Analog&Digital Ringmodulator
* Dual-Sync and dynamic FM, Noisegenerator
* 12 fold redesigned four stages SED Multimode Filter
* Huge Patchfield to speak with world of Modulars and CV/Gate
* Velocity-Routingmatrix with 12 destinations
* 3 LFOs, 2 with One-Shot-Function and Reset
* 3 Envelopes with 70mm Faders
* Intuitive Handling and Quality Hardware, internal Power Supply
* Midi Dump, In, Out, Thru

Tags: analog synthesizer

Country of origin / production: Germany

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Usage area
Usage Design/ Form Factor
With Keys 
Analogue (A) 
Type Synth Action
Number of Keys37

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