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Ketron SD8

Arranger Keyboard

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Ketron SD8
Ketron SD8
500.00 street price

Ketron has an unusual tradition: synthesizers with a chromatic keyboard have something in common with infinity, with the number 8. SD8 is another product with a corresponding keyboard, and of course, this instrument definitely stands out among the rest in its category, owing not to internal capabilities, but to the keyboard.

Unlike other models of this line, SD8 has a chromatic keyboard: the right zone is limited with 52 keys, and the left one – with 120 for basses. Other characteristics remained the same: 2 large built-in speakers, a central panel with a wide control and a graphic TFC-display with backlight and dimensions of 240x128, and, of course, a pitch/mod joystick.

SD8 has a wide range of sounds: PCM samples, 290 orchestral sounds, 24 drum kits/62 sets of live drums, drum grooves, analog waves (sawtooth, square, sine). Moreover, the synthesizer has 120 programmable user voices with envelope control, LFO, wheels, aftertouch and effects. SD8 also has 198 kinds of auto accompaniment and 198 custom styles with programmable parameter settings.

The rear panel of SD8 features inputs for stereo headphones, 2 line inputs, a microphone input, MIDI input/output/thru, 2 outputs, and connectors for sustain and volume pedals. The synthesizer boasts a variety of effects, ranging from reverb/delay to distortion/wah-wah. The sampler allows you to store up to 8 MB of 16 bit/44.100 kHz data. There you can edit the time, loop type, reverse and delete.

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More info
Usage area
Usage Design/ Form Factor
With Keys 
Digital (D) 
Multi Timbral Capacity32 part(s)
Programs/ Voices/ Timbres
Single Voice Preset290
User-defined Single Voice110
Drum Kits Preset24
Drum Kits User-defined24
Rotary Speaker 
Overdrive/ Drive 
Sample Memory16 Mb
Resolution 16 bit/ 44.1 kHz
Tracks count16
Note Capacity150000
Accompaniment Styles202
MIDI in/ out
Type Semi-weighted
Number of Keys172
Display type LED
Resolution: Horizontal240
Resolution: Vertical128
External controllers
Sustain foot pedal 
Sequencer Start/ Stop Foot Controller1
Audio in
Analog 1/4"6
Computer Interfaces
HDD: HDD size6
Height125 mm
Width1150 mm
Depth390 mm
Weight18.000 kg
Production ended

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