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Yamaha V50
3.8/5 5

FM Synthesizer

In 1989 Yamaha launched the V50 - a digital workstation featuring an FM synthesis core, a PCM rhythm machine and a sequencer. The 61-note keyboard supports aftertouch and is velocity sensitive. This is a 4-operator FM workstation with dual effects which...

Roland Super JX-10
5.0/5 2

12-Voice Analog Synthesizer

The Roland Super JX-10 is a synthesizer released by Roland in 1986. It is a 12-voice polyphonic analog synthesizer with two DCOs (digitally controlled oscillators) per voice, two DCAs (digitally controlled amplifiers) per voice, and a 24dB/octave...

1 200.00
Roland V-Piano
/5 0

Digital Piano

V-Piano is a top-flight finely sounding piano welcoming inside its music flow and letting you feel the amazing interaction with the notes triggered. Roland ensures the groundbreaking “living” piano core, splendid onboard piano sounds (which are...

6 000.00
Roland SP-404A
/5 0

Tabletop Sampler

The Roland SP-404A is a portable sampler and effects processor designed for musicians and producers. It features a built-in 16-bit linear sampler, onboard effects, a powerful sequencer, and a variety of inputs and outputs. With its intuitive user...

Roland SP-404SX
/5 0

Tabletop Sampler

The Roland SP-404SX is a portable sampling workstation. It is a powerful and intuitive sampler and sequencer that allows users to create and manipulate loops, samples, and beats. It features a variety of onboard effects, a built-in microphone, and a...