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Linn Electronics LM-1 Drum Computer
/5 0

Digital Drum Machine

The legendary LM-1 Drum Computer by Roger Linn became the first digital drum machine capable of reproducing samples of real drums. Its excellent sound helped to revise and change the music of the 80's. The LM-1 is the first digital drum machine to...

3 250.00
Linn Electronics LinnDrum
/5 0

Digital Drum Machine

LinnDrum, or LM-2, went into production in 1982. LM-2 is an updated version of the LM-1, with added crash samples and cymbal rides. Unlike Roland TR series, the drum machine used 28-35 kHz samples of real acoustic drums. Thus, LinnDrum appeared to be a...

3 250.00
Linn Electronics Linnstrument
5.0/5 1

Digital Drum Machine/ MIDI-controller

In 2015, a peculiar, notable for its appearance midi-controller – Linnstrument - was presented. It is a three-dimensional MIDI instrument encased in a metal housing with natural cherry wood inserts. The multi touch surface is made of translucent silicone...

1 500.00
Linn Electronics Linn 9000
/5 0

Digital Drum Machine

In the early 80's there was a serious competition between the Linn Electronics and Roland brands. At that time the legendary TR-808 drum machine climbed onto a high pedestal and Roger Linn released Linn 9000 (1984) at incredibly high price. However, the...

Linn Electronics Linnstrument 128
/5 0

Digital Drum Machine/ MIDI-controller

Bass Synthesizer, Production start: 2016.

1 000.00