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Linn Electronics LinnDrum

Digital Drum Machine

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LinnDrum 1
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Linn Electronics LinnDrum
Linn Electronics LinnDrum
3 250.00 street price

LinnDrum, or LM-2, went into production in 1982. LM-2 is an updated version of the LM-1, with added crash samples and cymbal rides. Unlike Roland TR series, the drum machine used 28-35 kHz samples of real acoustic drums. Thus, LinnDrum appeared to be a revolutionary instrument that offered beat makers a completely new kind of sample.

The drum library comprises 15 sounds: bass, snare, rim shot, hi-hat, crash, ride, tom, kabasa, tambourine, congas, cowbell and clap.

The interface contains individual controls for each sample: sliders with volume level adjustment, panning, and pitch knobs for individual snare, volume, conga and hi-hat release. Moreover 15 individual outputs are provided for each sample.

The sequencer has a few innovative features, such as swing, quantization and internal memory. 2 bar patterns can be recorded in real time, or in step mode with or without quantization. There are also 42 preset drum patterns. The patterns, if desired, can be transformed into songs for which there are 49 memory cells. Unused patterns can be moved to the cassette tape. The unique sound of the instrument appealed to such musicians as: a-ha, Stevie Wonder, The Human League, Jean-Michel Jarre, Jimmy Edgar, Jan Hammer, Peter Gabriel and Prince.


Country of origin / production: USA

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More info
Usage area
Bass Synthesizer 
Percussion Synthesizer 
Usage Design/ Form Factor
Without Keys, Desktop 
Digital (D) 
Tone Generator / Sound Synthesis
Technology of Sound Generation PCM
Programs/ Voices/ Timbres
Drum Kits Preset15
Percussion/ Drum Capabilities Kick Drum
Percussion/ Drum Capabilities Snare Drum
Percussion/ Drum Capabilities High Conga
Percussion/ Drum Capabilities Low Conga
Percussion/ Drum Capabilities Cymbal
Percussion/ Drum Capabilities Tom
Tracks count32
Max number of songs20
Preset patterns56
Preset Songs Templates49
Pads Matrix
Pads Count16
Audio out
Dedicated output per voice 
All voices mixed in one output 
Audio in
Power Supply External
Height111 mm
Width558 mm
Depth295 mm
Weight9.900 kg
Production start1982
Production end1985
Production ended

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