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Elektron is a Swedish brand founded in 1998. The story dates back to the time when the students at Chalmers University of Technology created the module based on the sound chip MOS Technology 6581/8580 SID (Sound Interface Device. The good deed didn’t go unnoticed. That’s how the first synthesizer of the company appeared.

Elektron produces multipurpose electronic musical instruments: synthesizers, drum machines, samplers all of which feature thick composite sound. The instruments are great for live performances because all their functions and parameter change are available in real time with no need to stop and run the sequencer multiple times.

MIDI controllable synthesizer SidStation is their first commercially successful synthesizer which entered the big market. The crucial part of it was sound chip SID (Sound Interface Device) which used to be a component of classic PC Commodore 64. The chip was developed in the early 1980s by MOS Technology. In 1999, when SidStation was released, many musicians (who immersed into virtual analog era) were surprised to have such a chip in their instruments. The synth comprised 3 oscillators (generating triangle, saw and pulse) with sync ability, 4 LFOs, resonant multimode filter, rotary wheel, arpeggiator per each oscillator, portamento, ring and pulse-width modulation. The rear panel features audio ins and outs as well as MIDI in/out/through. The possibilities brought with SID-sound implementation made SidStation so popular in no time.

Machinedrum series appeared on the shelves in 2001 and was a success as well. The series included SPS-1 model, later adding SPS-1UW and its updated version SPS-1 MKII. Machinedrum produces attractive electronic and acoustic drum sounds providing you with convincing emulation of analog drum classics. Moreover, all of them allow any parameter tweaking which turns them into unprecedented dynamic signals. With the help of only 8 knobs featuring real time control you can make out of 39 drum sounds any possible number of variations. The instrument includes TRX synthesizer imitating Roland TR-series instruments; EFM-synthesizer using FM synthesis in order to create crisp light percussion; E12 is based on sample playback taking sounds from E-Mu SP1200 and Simmons drum machines; and PI synthesizer which used physical models of real acoustic drums. The memory of the instrument allows up to 128 patterns 32 steps each and 64 drum kits. And again all sounds are ready to be mixed and combined, Machinedrum offers a 16-voice polyphony. The processing of drums is represented with amplitude modulation, 1-band equalizer, multimode resonant filter, distortion, sample rate reducer, delay and reverb effects. The processing is available individually for each drum sound. There are compressor and 3-band equalizer in order to edit the result of the mix. Machinedrum included two ways of sequencer programming: classic (quite simple assigning a drum sound to each step of the pattern using 16 trigger pads) and an extended one (up to 32 steps, with a wide range of editing possibilities). Accent function is assignable to any step and offers 15 levels of intensity, continuously variable swing and slide, assignable to the whole pattern or individual steps within the pattern.

Monomachine series included synthesizers and sequencers SFX: SFX-6 - a 37-key version – and SFX-60 – a module featuring specification of the previous model. Monomachine is a 5 in 1 synthesizer (SuperWave, FM+, SID, DigiPro, VO) with a flexible sequencer and many controllers altering sound in real time. It supports a 6-part multitimbrality which allows up to 6 monosynth voices simultaneously or one sound featuring a 6-note polyphony. SuperWave is based on analog modeling. SID monosynthesizer is based on that same SID chip from that same Commodore 64. SID 6581 one high quality oscillator + ring modulation and sync ability. DigiPRO is focused on supplying the output with digital waveforms – they have quite harsh and electric character which makes them stand out from the overall mix. There’s also BeatBox offering tool kit for creating percussion. Each of the three FM machines + sections has its own peculiarity and uniqueness. VO is inspired by classic methods of voice modeling using formant synthesis. In 2007 the company decided to update the line adding an even more functional version of the instrument – Monomachine MKII.

The year of 2011 was prominent for the company because of the sampler/groove box Octatrack DPS-1 release. The instrument was aimed first of all at experienced musicians regarding its huge number of adjustable settings. Octatrack offers many possibilities concerning sample processing as a machine designed for live performances. Sampling, time stretch, pitch shift are available in real time, sequencer controls internal signals and external MIDI devices simultaneously. Crossfader affects the sound so that it directly depends on the fader move – smooth tweaking will make the transition natural while quick shifts and turns will add some scratching effect. An 8-track sampler features 3 LFOs, 2 effect blocks per track, 16 banks of programs (which you can operate simultaneously), 256 patterns + user ones.

Analog series included two synthesizers and Analog Rytm drum machine. The synthesizer with a 4-voice polyphony and AM synthesis, Analog Four, successfully combined deep analog and digital sounds. Step sequencer allows quick layer functioning adding some necessary effects. The synthesizer is based on Overbridge technology which ensures fast and furious integration with other digital devices and sources. The keyboard version Analog Keys was launched in 2013. The instrument features fully programmable joystick which comes in handy while performing live. The model offers a 37-note keyboard, 2 oscillators – it takes after its module version anyway.

An 8-voice drum machine Analog Rytm sports a peculiar analog character. You can layer samples (USB upload supported) over deep and lively analog kicks, snares, toms and hihats – Analog Rytm features great combination of real percussion voices and sample function. Each drum machine’s voice has its own allotted LFO, fade envelope for LFO, 2 individual effects (delay, reverb), 2 envelope generators per filter and amplifier, 12dB filter, analog overdrive circuitry. Rytm numbers more than 4000 sounds, 128 patterns and 127 samples per project, 1GB memory and 127 factory samples. There are analog stereo distortion and analog stereo compressor among master effects. The sequencer offers 12 tracks, upto 64 steps per pattern, individual track length, accent, swing and slide functions, micro timing, Chromatic, Scene, Performance modes as well as assignable retrig function.

Elektron keeps on introducing new technologies in the music market. Electronic musical instruments designed according to the high standards, manually assembled and thoroughly tested are there for you to help in your creative ideas.