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Manufacturer/ Brand: ARP

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ARP Odyssey
5.0/5 1

Monophonic Analog Synthesizer

After the release of Minimoog it became clear that the synthesizer is not a huge cabinet you should drag to rehearsals but rather a small and elegant device. And ARP (and at that time the synthesizer market was reined over only by Moog and ARP) had to...

2 500.00
ARP Solus
/5 0

Analog monophonic synthesizer

Solus is an instrument aimed at touring musicians, for situations where every centimeter is important, and a rigid case must protect the content reliably. The synthesizer is assembled in a wooden housing with a convenient handle for transportation. The...

1 000.00
ARP Omni Mk 1
/5 0

Polyphonic Analog Synthesizer

The idea of creating a universal synthesizer - the first attempt was Solina String Synthesizer - didn’t leave the developers of ARP. The new incarnation was Omni, which operated as three independent synthesizers simultaneously. For the user quite few...

1 100.00
ARP Omni Mk 2
5.0/5 2

Polyphonic Analog Synthesizer

In 1977 ARP released a new version of its most successful synthesizer - the Omni Mk2 - on the synthesizer market. Inside the synthesizer, everything remained almost unchanged, but outside it got a new branded color scheme "orange + black" and a...

ARP Solina String Synthesizer
/5 0

Analog Synthesizer

Solina String Synthesizer is a hybrid of two synthesizers which combined String Ensemble and Explorer in one case. This combination made it possible to create a sufficiently versatile instrument in which Ensemble's polyphonic sound can be combined with...

2 000.00