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Manufacturer/ Brand: AcidLab

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AcidLab Bombass
5.0/5 1

Analog Bass Synthesizer

Monophonic analog synthesizer Acidlab Bombass was created under the inspiration with Roland TB-303, and even has the same sound circuit featuring some additions. Compared to TB-303, Bombass has the resonance in the filter section improved. A small...

AcidLab Bombass 2
/5 0

Analog Bass Synthesizer

Acidlab Bombass 2 is an analog synthesizer with a circuit based on TB-303, but modified in many aspects. It offers 2 oscillators with sync, ring, frequency modulation, noise, sub-oscillator, audio input, as well as LFO with various waves, including...

AcidLab Bassline3
/5 0

Bass Synthesizer

It should not seem strange that the legendary bass synthesizer Roland TB-303 continues to be copied by anyone. Current catalog Acidlab owes a lot to the Japanese giant, as it features new clones TB303, TR808 and TR606. Acidlab Bassline 3 has an improved...

AcidLab Miami
/5 0

Analog Drum Computer

AcidLab Miami was released in 2014, and is a budget reminiscence of the famous drum machine TR-808. Miami has a lightweight design, but it is made of durable metal. Small round buttons do not match the color range of Roland, most of them are either...

AcidLab Drumatix
5.0/5 1

Analog Drum Machine

If one day one could find Roland TR-606 on the shelves he would be delighted. This modest companion to the more famous silver plastic TB-303 device is now approached with true love, and to find this drum machine at a decent price will take a lot of time....