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GR-1: Granular synthesis by Tasty Chips Electronics

GR-1: Granular synthesis by Tasty Chips Electronics

Create textures, characteristic sounds, drones, soundscapes, pads with the help of a hardware polyphonic granular synthesizer GR-1.
If you need some quality drones, sound design, you’re into beat making and composing you will appreciate the unique granular synthesis and intuitive interface of the new GR-1 by Tasty Chips Electronics.

An amazing 800 x 480 pixel, 7” TFT true color display will entertain you with such visuals as the audio signal, grains being fired, grainsize and spraypan. Watch your sound ooze and palpitate controlling sample waveform, global envelope, grain envelope, 2x LFO settings (waveform, destination) and CV settings on the screen.

  • 8 overwritable preset buttons (4 banks)
  • 32 bit, 44.1kHz audio
  • huge storage capacity (internal and external memory, USB)
  • quick sample upload
  • save up to 32 presets
  • save up to as many performances as your USB disk can store

GR-1 has CV and gate options to connect easily with your (eurorack) modular setup. The device can be controlled via MIDI (USB/DIN) or be used standalone.

The developers ensure high quality components in a solid aluminum casing.

Tags: Tasty Chips Electronics, GR-1, hardware polyphonic granular synthesizer

Published: 12:03 30.08.2017
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