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Superbooth 2018 in Berlin - new analogue gear for you

Superbooth 2018 in Berlin - new analogue gear for you

Superbooth - the exhibition of musical equipment, whose popularity only grows from year to year, will be held from May 3 to May 5, 2018 in Berlin, Germany. This season, some new synths are expected, which can not be missed! In this article we note 2 analogue synthesizer modules - Kijimi from the Japanese company Black Corporation, which recently thundered with its supersynth Deckard's Dream, and System 1 Stereo Synth from the Audiophile Circuits League from Berlin.

Black Corporation Kijimi

Black Corporation, a Japan-based company, which recently decided on a bold move - the development of an 8-voice synthesizer module Deckard's Dream, inspired by the Yamaha CS-80, which undoubtedly has a unique sound, a wide range of functions and a sky-high price, it seems unequivocally believes that not all analogue synthesizers should cost as Behringer D.

Having received quite a positive feedback to its first creation and continuing to act "from the opposite," Black Corporation announced the creation of another analogue polyphonic synthesizer - Kijimi. The inspiration for this time is extremely rare French synthesizer RSF Polykobol, released in the number of about 1000 units in the late 70's of the last century with an eye on the most significant compact synthesizer of those years - Minimoog.

Despite the fact that RSF Polykobol is a monophonic synthesizer, Kijimi will have 8 polyphony voices, like Deckard's Dream. And it will be available at the same cost of $3,750.

ACL System 1

In our time, the revival of analogue synthesis of sound and modular systems, no exhibition of musical equipment can not do without relevant novelties. A small company ACL (Audiophile Circuits League), which deals with modular systems using high-end components, and for which Superbooth will be the "home" exhibition, will present a noteworthy modular synthesizer System 1. This is a set of 10 Eurorack modules in a 84HP case, which together are a complete, but not a closed modular system destinated to generation of stereo sound waves. System 1 Stereo Synth includes the following modules:

  • Two Variable Sync VCO: a hi-end VCO, providing five simultaneous waveforms,  linear FM and a voltage controlled variable-sync feature.
  • One Dual State Variable VCF offers two lush multimode filters, with flexible configurations ideal for everything from kick-generation to formant shaping.
  • One Gate Mix is high quality four audio signal mixer with CV/Gate muting, ideal for stacking up super patches, cascading other mixers etc.
  • One Dual Panning VCA: an innovative module for dynamically positioning audio in the stereo field, with exceptional sound and flexibility. It can also operate as two mono VCAs.
  • One Oktave module is a precision tool for transposing, tuning, fine-tuning, and even combining, CV, allowing control of up to four VCOs simultaneously.
  • One Triple Envelopes Generator gives three versatile ADSR envelopes, based on the acclaimed Roland 100M, but vastly enhanced to deliver peerless punch and consistency.
  • One Dual Delay (voltage controlled) is a specialised unit, designed for hours of sound mangling fun, from pitch modulation effects to drones and pads.
  • One M/S-Matrix splits stereo audio into MID and SIDE and vice versa, allowing a vast range of great processes, whether used alone or with other modules.
  • One Audio Interface: a powerful and flexible module, with pro-quality audio and built-in headphone amp.

It only remains to add that System 1 is destined to become a "synthesizer for the elite", because it is necessary to pay for quality, and, in this case, the price will be about $4,000.

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Published: 10:46 09.04.2018
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