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Dave Smith Instruments has introduced its new instrument Sequential Prophet X

Dave Smith Instruments has introduced its new instrument Sequential Prophet X

The Dave Smith Instruments company has brought its new instrument Sequential Prophet X, to the Superbooth 2018 exhibition. The device combines the functions of a synthesizer and a sampler. The developers themselves believe that out of all the transformations of the Prophet this came out the most revolutionary and impressive.

Sequential Prophet X

Prophet X is a blend of hybrid synthesizer and rompler, bi-timbral instrument, which has an 8-voice (stereo) and 16-voice (mono) polyphony. It is based on a very powerful sound engine, which allows you to simultaneously operate with two instruments based on 16-bit, 48-kHz samples, and two digital oscillators. The signal goes through analog filters and in the end you get a very high-quality sound, which differentiates the Dave Smith’s instruments from others. As to the samples, the device uses two independent stereo instruments for each voice (4 instruments in Split and Stack modes). The Prophet X has 150GB of samples of various electronic and acoustic instruments, as well as various atmospheric and ambient sounds. In addition, it has 50GB for recording external user libraries. The internal libraries for the instrument were selected and provided by the 8Dio company, which specializes in creating advanced high-quality samples. The 8Dio will also release an extension for their libraries, and approximately in December this year it is planned to organize technical support for external or user samples import. You can shape the samples through loop manipulation, sample stretching, and the Prophet X’s sound-sculpting modulation functions.

The synthesizer engine is designed in the style of the previous instruments of the Prophet line, such as Prophet~12 or PRO-2. It has two high resolution digital oscillators with classic and continuosly morphing waveforms, as well as a supersaw for a greater variety of timbres. It is possible to control the wave pulse width of any of the classic forms (sine, saw, square) with a Shape Mod knob, besides, the instrument has a lot of modulation capabilities, which include 4 low-frequency oscillators, 4 five-phase envelopes and 16-slot modulation matrix. The filters in the Prophet X are resonant LPF with a cutoff depth of 24 dB/oct, made with an emphasis on vintage sound, with separate filters for the right and left channels. In addition to the sampler and synthesizer sections, the Prophet X has a 64-step polyphonic sequencer with the ability to record up to 6 notes per step and an effects processor with built-in digital reverb effect, two delays, chorus, distortion, etc.The instrument turned out to be really very interesting, with a lot of possibilities and undoubtedly high-quality sound, however you expect nothing less from the David Smith Instruments. Its price is $4000 and it is already available for purchase.

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Published: 10:56 11.05.2018
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