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The Prophet 12 release will end after a new limited version of the synthesizer!

The Prophet 12 release will end after a new limited version of the synthesizer!

Sequential will release a limited version of the Prophet 12 synthesizer in December of this year, and this will complete the release of this model. Prophet 12 will differ only in design, the sound engine, the interface and the price will remain unchanged.

Sequential Prophet 12 LE

The limited version of the synthesizer is made in the arctic white color with a maple end sidepieces, which looks quite contrast against the background of the original black design.

At the time, Prophet 12 was an important milestone for the company's experiments with a combination of digital oscillators and analog filters, as well as the development of a loopable five-step D-ADSR envelope. In general, the instrument is a hybrid analog-digital synthesizer with 12-voice polyphony. Each voice has 4 digital oscillators plus an sub-oscillator. There is a powerful digital effects section onboard, an analog resonant low-pass filter, a high-pass filter, 4 envelopes, 4 LFOs, a rather complex arpeggiator, and a 16-slot modulation matrix for modulating 97 destinations with 26 modulation sources. The synthesizer is very convenient for performers, since all parameters can be controlled from the front panel of the synthesizer, and it is also perfect for studio work due to the excellent sound and a large number of sonic possibilities.

The release of Prophet 12 LE will be limited to just 100 copies, and it is timed to the end of production of the model, so after the sale of the remnants, this instrument will be found only in the used devices market. The limited edition version will cost the same USD3000, and during the stock a limited number of classic black instruments will still be available.

Published: 12:17 23.11.2018
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