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Relaunched Polivoks On Sale

Relaunched Polivoks On Sale

Alex Pleninger and Alexey Taber have developed the new version of the Soviet dream machine Polivoks although their creature is going to be a limited edition project and the answer to the question when another line will be put into production remains unknown.

The legendary 2-voice artwork created by the Russian engineer Vladimir Kuzmin charmed the whole world with its unique voice – visceral, tense, unruled and even kind of enthralling into stress or ecstasy.

Re-launched instrument lost its keyboard shortening considerably – though not in functionality. It comprises up to 85% of the original components as well as Cyrillic inscriptions on the front panel. Of course, there’s a translation given for each word but you can notice it looks like a vocabulary and it’s placed on the bottom of the casing.

The price of each of the 100 released Polivoks units is going to be about $2000 and you can shoponline for it entering As we see the price doesn’t make it a more affordable instrument than the original one was but it’s definitely much-much lighter (3 kg vs 20 kg).
The parts of the housing are made of metal and ensure high quality and undeniable durability.

So far there haven’t been any details or at least some teasers sharing a piece of information about technical specification uploaded by Alex Pleninger and Alexey Taber on their website. Anyway we saw the pictures so we can say it’s going to be a synth featuring 2 oscillators, ADR envelope generator for filter and AR envelope dedicated to amplifier, cutoff frequency and resonance adjustment options, 7 waveform types, mono or 2-voice mode, MIDI in/thru, 1/4" jacks for envelope, cutoff frequency, oscillators and modulator external control. The device has one output for both voices, as well as one input. The power supply is external.

The detailed description of the new modular synthesizer Polivoks as well as the original Polivoks synthesizer with the keyboard which was released in the 1980s is available in our catalogue, you’re welcomed to ask questions and get your answers.

Published: 20:11 02.08.2016
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